Coco Gabriel.

Coco Gabriel is a conceptual plastic artist from Argentina who resides in Barcelona. Bold and curious by nature, his life’s work has been centered in fashion. He has worked as a model, entrepreneur and linked to an international fashion company. These work experiences, without a doubt, have left their mark on his artistic journey.

His work is inspired from “tachismo”, expressionism abstract style that searches imagination and characterizes a spontaneous execution in textures and contrasts. Conceptual strokes flow directly from his feelings to the canvas which leaves his passion for his art with a personal stamp.  Coco Gabriel has commented that: “My wish is that my art has profundity and leaves room for imagination”

“Materica” and subtle, his work creates textures with sand, soil and other sublime materials like cotton, flour capable of transmuting nuances and emotions at different levels.

His latest exhibitions, Mano a Mano (2018), No Rules (2016 & 2019) or Etiqueta Negra (Black Label) 2021 – in which the artist gives a turn to the belief that this color brings us close to obscurity.  He likes to demonstrate when you start with black how you arrive to the light and the profoundness of his works.   Noticeable in the presentation at the Gallery Jorge Alcolea, his pictorial works and his book of aphorisms and paintings “Coco Sin Permiso” (2021).  In which he has collected phrases and many readings from great minds during his life from many different cultures.  This has helped him unite his thoughts, experiences and his own personal phrases that he likes to call “Phrases of Life”.

In his new project, he is working on a series called SOTAVENTO where he has a harmonious arrangement with his fetish with BLACK – RED and softly immersing the palettes of earth tones.   In these works, his spatula brings us to beige, browns and oranges.  Playing with white in a subtle way while marking the way with a reflective calm.


In May 2023, he presents “VENTANAS”, inviting us to look into the world of serenity and balance in his conceptual abstract art exhibition at the Reial Cercle Artistic de Barcelona. The exhibition leads us to explore the connection between our environment and our emotional well-being, finding tranquility in our own world through observation.



Editorial Vocal de Lys 2021
NO RULES / Club One Ocean Club. Barcelona / 2016
NOTHING IS ABSOLUT/ Macía Les Llebres Pals Girona /2017
MANO A MANO / Consulado Argentino – Sala Las Malvinas. Barcelona / 2018
NO RULES 2 / La Casa Azul. Barcelona / 2019
COCO SIN PERMISO / Galería Jorge Alcolea – Sala Nonell. Barcelona / 2020
ETIQUETA NEGRA / Galería del Hotel Art Gallery. Barcelona / 2021
ELLOS/ Exposición colectiva – Belgrano. Buenos Aires. Argentina / 2022
VENTANAS / Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona / 2023
INSIGHT en Galería Van Gogh de Madrid. Exposición colectiva / 2024

Editorial Vocal de Lys 2021